On March 9, Santa Inoue Launches Zange Manga

On Monday, a new manga titled Zange will be launched by Santa Inoue has been revealed on this year’s sixth issue of Akita Shoten’s Young Champion magazine. Zange manga will be launched on the magazine’s seventh issue on March 9.

In June 2018, Inoue also launched the Santa no LA Life 50-sai no Mangaka ga Kazoku to LA ni Hikkoshita manga digitally. Santa no LA Life 50-sai no Mangaka ga Kazoku to LA ni Hikkoshita means Santa’s L.A. Life: Story of a 50-Year-Old Manga Creator Who Moved to L.A. With His Family in English. This manga told me the story of Inoue’s move to Los Angeles, California, and its still ongoing. He got a green card and moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2017 with his family.

In 1998, Inoue started his career by publishing his 12 volume Tokyo Tribe 2 sequel manga. The manga ended in 2006. He also launched another sequel manga in 2008. The title of the manga is Tokyo Tribe 3. It ended in February 2012.

Tokyo Tribe 2 manga has been acquired Tokyopop. Manga published seven English volumes with the title Tokyo Tribe. It was published before the company shuttered its North Americal Publishing operation in 2011.

In 2006, a 13 episode television anime series has been adapted by Tokyo Tribe by Studio Madhouse. The manga was adapted into a live-action film by the director Shion Sono. In October 2015, The film has been released in North America vio select theater, video on demand and iTunes by the North American Film Distributer XLrator Media.

Inoue’s other manga are Rinjio 13-go, Inoue Santa and Born 2 Die.

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