With Artist Jun Hanyunyū, Ninja Slayer Authors Launch New Manga

On Friday, The march issue of Kadokawa’s Comic Beam magazine revealed that storywriter Yu Honda and Leika Sugi are going to release new manga. In this new ,manga, they are partnering with artist Jun Hanyunyu. On March 12, This new manga will premiere in the magazine’s April issue.

Title of the manga listed is Kami Kui no Arata. But on Friday, the authors revealed that the correct title is Arata no Kemono. Arata no Kemono is Arata the Beast in English.

The manga will be “brutal paranormal pulp action entertainment.” stated by the authors.

The original creators of the Ninja Slayer Franchise are Honda and Sugi. Yu Honda and Leika Sugi, Japanese “Translators” was original posting the Ninja Slayer story on Twitter. Enterbrain publish the first volume in print in September 2012 after the story grew in popularity. In April 2015, 26 episodes of anime series has been premiered. In English subtitles, The series has been streamed in Funimation in North America. It was further streamed an English Dub. In Blu-ray Disc and DVD, the series has been released in Funimation in December 2012.

Several Manga series is also included in the Franchise.

In 2018, Hanyunyu Good Bye manga received a live action television adaptation.

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