PM Modi declared ” Janta Curfew” On 22nd March

On 19 March 2020 PM Modi asked from Indian Peoples to stay their house on 22nd March from 7:00am to 9:00 pm. Show grattitude and thanks to those peoples who are risking their life for us like Police and Doctors.

PM Modi told that there is no vaccination of COVID-19 but we can take precaution to keep us safe from CORONAVIRUS. He also told about the precaution which should be taken to keep people safe.


About Janta Curfew

In India CoronaVirus Cases increased and reached 167. India reached stage 2 for risk of CORONAVIRUS. Click here to know CoronaVirus cases in your state in INDIA.

" Janta Curfew" Declared by PM Modi On 22nd March
” Janta Curfew” Declared by PM Modi On 22nd March

Modi asked humble to unite and stay in the house on 22nd March from 7:00 am to 9:00pm. He also asked to clap at 5:00pm to show the appreciation and gratitude for the peoples who are risking their life to save ours.

Modi said “Citizens would not leave their house from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on 22nd March to show our unity.” “Curfew is for the public and by the public is Janta curfew on March 22. From 7 am to 9 pm.” also said by Modi

Modi said “people should put Janta curfew on themselve. This curfew is done by peoples on themselves which means this curfew is by the peoples for the peoples”

He has given resolved and restrain message which means we have to resolve our issues and stop ourselves to go outside.

Show gratitude to Doctor, Police and more

He requested us to show gratitude to those who are risking their life for us like Doctor, Police, and more. They are risking their life for us. They also have family. But still they are doing their jobs. We should appreciate them for doing their job even in this condition.

On 22nd March all the peoples are going to be in there home but Doctor and police were still working. They are trying to save us. So we should show some respect and gratitude to them. Modi requested to claps and make noise on 22nd March at 5:00 pm for showing appreciation to these soldiers.

Avoid Going Hospital

He requested to Avoid non-essential visit to hospital for any kind of checkups. People should consult their doctors on mobile phones and avoid going there. If you have taken any special date for any surgery, try to postpone the surgery for next one month.

Hospital is a place where many people will visit with their problem. If someone is suffering from COVID-19 then it is possible that it got spread so it will be best for all the people to avoid going to hospital.

Don’t Do Panic Shopping

He also ensure that there will be no scarcity of items like food, medicine and all needed items for life. Items will be available to people regularly. Don’t get panic to buy items. Do normal shopping instead of Panic. Panic shopping will bad for all of us.

Peoples are scared because rumored was that the state or maybe country will be lock down which means no one will be allowed to go outside. But its not true. All the necessary items will be available to people to survive. The Janta Kurfu is just a request by PM Modi. Its not a command.

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