Q-ta Minami’s manga series Below the Ceiling has been licensed by Star Fruit Books.

Tenj no Shita, a manga by Q-ta Minami, will be published in English by Star Fruit Books in the spring of 2023, the publisher said on Twitter on Tuesday.

177 pages will make up the manga.

The plot is followed in this book by four ladies as they seek their romantic relationships, according to Star Fruit Books. Each tale is chock full of conflicting emotions, all masterfully conveyed by Minami Q-ta.

In June 1999, Shodensha published the manga’s first collected book volume.

Since then, Minami has released a number of additional comics, such as Chikatetsu no Kaze ni Fukarete in September 2004 and Olibe in April 2006.

The Blood Red Boy, Pop Life, and Not All Girls Are Stupid (Guzuna Onna Bakarijya Naize) manga by Minami have all been published by Star Fruit Books.

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