Review: Himitsu no AiPri Episode 5 – “Shadows of the Past”


Episode 5 of “Himitsu no AiPri,” titled “Shadows of the Past,” delves into the rich backstory of the characters while intensifying the overall plot. This episode masterfully intertwines past and present, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the Secret Princesses’ world and the personal histories that shape their current struggles. Let’s explore the elements that make this episode a compelling chapter in the series.

Plot Summary

“Shadows of the Past” opens with Airi Yamaguchi and her fellow Secret Princesses still reeling from the confrontation with their new enemy. In an effort to regroup and strategize, Lady Seraphina decides it’s time for the princesses to understand the true history of their powers. She leads them to an ancient library hidden within their headquarters, filled with tomes and artifacts that chronicle the legacy of the Secret Princesses.

The episode alternates between flashbacks and present-day events, revealing the origins of the Secret Princesses and the battles their predecessors fought. As Airi and her friends learn about these past struggles, they gain new insights into their own powers and the responsibilities they bear. The episode culminates in a startling revelation about the new enemy they face, linking them to a dark chapter in the Secret Princesses’ history.

Character Development

Airi Yamaguchi: Airi’s understanding of her role deepens as she learns about the history of the Secret Princesses. The flashbacks provide context for her powers and her destiny, strengthening her resolve to protect her friends and the world. Her determination and growing leadership skills continue to shine through, making her an increasingly compelling protagonist.

Lady Seraphina: Lady Seraphina’s character is further explored in this episode. The flashbacks reveal her past as a young Secret Princess and the challenges she faced, adding layers to her mentor persona. Her wisdom and experience are highlighted, providing a solid foundation for the current generation of Secret Princesses.

Supporting Characters: The episode gives more screen time to the other Secret Princesses, showcasing their reactions to the historical revelations. These moments of introspection and bonding highlight their individual growth and the strengthening of their camaraderie. The flashbacks also introduce historical figures who played pivotal roles in the Secret Princesses’ legacy, enriching the series’ lore.

Themes and Messages

“Shadows of the Past” emphasizes the importance of understanding history to navigate the present and future. The episode explores themes of legacy, responsibility, and the cyclical nature of conflict. It underscores the idea that knowledge and unity are essential in facing dark forces and protecting what matters most.

Animation and Visuals

The animation in this episode is particularly noteworthy for its depiction of the flashback sequences. The historical scenes are rendered in a slightly different art style, giving them a distinct and nostalgic feel. The attention to detail in both the ancient library and the action-packed flashbacks enhances the storytelling. The seamless transitions between past and present maintain the episode’s visual coherence and add depth to the narrative.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack of “Himitsu no AiPri” continues to excel, with musical scores that perfectly complement the episode’s shifts between past and present. The haunting melodies during the flashbacks evoke a sense of history and gravitas, while the more dynamic pieces underscore the tension and excitement of the present-day scenes. The voice acting remains top-tier, with the cast delivering emotionally resonant performances that bring their characters’ histories and struggles to life.


In conclusion, Episode 5 of “Himitsu no AiPri” is a rich and engaging installment that deepens the series’ mythology and character development. By exploring the history of the Secret Princesses, the episode adds layers of complexity to the narrative and provides valuable context for the ongoing conflicts. Airi Yamaguchi’s journey as a Secret Princess is both engaging and inspiring, making her a protagonist worth rooting for. With its compelling narrative, stunning animation, and captivating music, “Himitsu no AiPri” continues to be a standout addition to the magical girl genre. Fans are sure to be eagerly anticipating the next episode and the adventures that lie ahead for Airi and her newfound allies.

“Shadows of the Past” not only enriches the backstory of the Secret Princesses but also sets the stage for future developments and challenges. The episode’s blend of historical depth, character growth, and magical intrigue ensures that viewers remain captivated and invested in the series.

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