5th episode of The Maid I Recently Hired Is Mysterious

Despite the fact that I keep bringing it up, I am still truly unsure about The Maid I Recently Hired Is Mysterious’s intended meaning. It seems to be illustrating how you may accept individuals into your life when you’re feeling lonely, even if they appear a little strange and suspicious at first. It’s also really fascinating and has hilarious potential that this is essentially all narrated through the eyes of a very honest toddler. But I’m not sure whether these ideas of “found family” are what the programme is aiming for, especially since it’s also heavily emphasising the love ramifications between our two stars at the same time. It doesn’t help that the first part of this episode, which concentrated on the preparation for the sporting event, was painfully sluggish.

The Maid I Recently Hired Is Mysterious

I appreciate that Yuuri has asked Lilith to visit his school once more, as she did in the last episode when she essentially acted in his parents’ place (even though I would keep arguing that Lilith has more of a big sister dynamic with Yuuri). I thought it was a very positive, sincere, and natural evolution to both Lilith and Yuuri’s relationship and the show’s found family themes when those kids said it’s unfair that he brought hired help to replace his family and he responded by saying that Lilith is his family at the very end of the episode. Even the ending punchline that Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish that he might like Lilith more than as a family member and that he’s just misinterpreting these feelings as familial love when the show is heavily implying that it’s something more intimate and romantic was something I was willing to overlook.

The issue is that the programme repeatedly reiterates that point without really truly addressing the point that a relationship between them isn’t really something that should be taken seriously. We have a side character who is essentially obsessed with the concept of a forbidden love, which does not help any of this. I find Tsukasa to be amusing, and it would be funnier if she glorified the connection between our two characters in some way that contrasted with how they truly are.

But I don’t believe that these forbidden goals are brought up for the sake of parody; instead, it feels like a different way of saying the same thing, stopping just short of fully embracing that notion.

Particularly if we’re bringing up the storey element that he doesn’t comprehend love sentiments since he’s too young, I don’t believe Lilith is actually attempting to seek a relationship with Yuuri. Lilith appears to be aware of the affection that is now being shown for her, but given how timid and affectionate she has been, I’m not sure whether she will take advantage of it. After all, she has implied that she wants to be with him. Additionally, it doesn’t help that this was the fanservice-heavy episode yet; I like Lilith’s design, and the fanservice was largely appropriate, but I have to admit that I am a little concerned about the show’s path.It looks as like it hasn’t really committed to any concepts yet, or at the very least, the notion it does seem to want to commit to is one that I simply don’t see working out without drastically altering the tone of the show. But that’s just me, and who can predict what will happen after that?

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