Rica Takashima is the October 29th Women in Comics event host in New York City.

On Okazu on Saturday, Erica Friedman (By Your Side: The First 100 Years of Yuri Anime and Manga) announced that Rica Takashima (Rica ‘tte Kanji!?) and Friedman will be guests at the October 29 Bronx Heroes Comic Con: Women in Comics event at the Bronx Library Center in New York City.

On August 20, Takashima made his most recent public appearance at Flame Con in New York City.

Anise’s Phryne magazine published Takashima’s Rica ‘tte Kanji! manga as a serial.

In June 2003, ALC Publishing published the comic in English.

Along with Rica Takashima, Erica Friedman translated the manga.

The manga follows Rica, the main character, as she relocates to Tokyo for college and meets Miho in Shinjuku Ni-Choume, the city’s lesbian and homosexual neighborhood.

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