Seiji Mizushima and A-1 Pictures collaborate to produce the anime movie Eisen Flügel.

The production company for the theatrical anime feature Eisen Flügel is A-1 Pictures, it was disclosed on Saturday during the Aniplex Online Fest 2022 event.

The film’s principal director, Seiji Mizushima, is employed by A-1 Pictures, while Gen Urobuchi is credited with writing the original story.

The film is directed by Daizen Komatsuda, and Keigo Sasaki is converting Takashi Takeuchi of TYPE-original MOON’s character designs for animation into a script that Yukie Sugawara and Mizushima wrote.

The soundtrack was written by Yuki Kajiura.

The mechanical designers are Fumihiro Katagai, Takayuki Yanase, and Kanetake Ebikawa. The art director is Kusanagi, Seiichi Shirato is in charge of setting research, and Tatsuya Yoshikawa is responsible for designing the dragon.

A statement from Gen Urobuchi for the project reads, “There was once an eroge corporation named NITRO PLUS.”

The playwright presented a concept about a contest between a dragon and a jet in a far-off universe to establish which held actual dominance of the sky when they unexpectedly received an offer for a theatrical animation production. The CEO of the business insisted that the author turn their idea into a one-course animation production. In a frenzy, the playwright hastily added extra information to the proposal.

But as time went on, nothing more was heard about the initiative. It faded from recollection eventually.

The playwright, who had become attached to Gagaga Bunko, remembered a concept he had shelved in the past. The concept, which had been abandoned for a while, was revived by him and turned into a two-volume book.

Soon later, Aniplex presented the scriptwriter with the opportunity to turn his newly revitalized work into a film. Eisen Flügel may now, some twenty years later, finally be the feature picture it was always meant to be.

After that, everyone enjoyed a happy life.

In 2009, the novels with drawings by Higashiguchi Ch were published by Gagaga Bunko.

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