Service Ends on December 27 After Six Years, Last Period Game.

On Wednesday, Happy Elements’ Last Period game’s official website made the following announcement: On December 27, the game’s main story will be concluded.

In May 2016, Happy Elements released the game. In the universe of the narrative, creatures known as “Spirals” are created via isolation. The term “Periods” refers to those who can slay the creatures. The 8th Branch of the Arc End is where Haru, an apprentice Period, is located. The Arc End headquarters abandons the 8th Division, leaving just three Periods, including Haru, when a mystery theft occurrence causes an economic collapse. In order to reconstruct the 8th Division, Haru and the other two Periods get to work.

The game served as the inspiration for the anime television series Last Period: the voyage to the end of the sorrow, which debuted in April 2018. As the anime aired in Japan, Crunchyroll streamed it.

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