Araki Joh and Kenji Nagatomo’s bartender manga will soon get an anime adaptation.

On Friday, Shueisha said that a new anime project is being inspired by the Bartender manga by authors Araki Joh and Kenji Nagatomo.

In conjunction with the news, the anime is also collaborating on a brand-new initiative named “BAR Katsu” to promote the pleasure of bars and alcoholic beverages. The collaboration’s efforts will assist in providing an explanation for why people like going to bars and drinking. Among the initiatives is a neighborhood website called BAR Katsu BASE.

An earlier 11-episode television anime series based on the manga had its Japanese premiere in October 2006. The series at Palm Studio was directed by Masaki Watanabe. The writing and the creation of the series were done by Yasuhiro Imagawa. The characters were created by Hirotaka Kinoshita. The designer was Shigemi Ikeda. The soundtrack was written by Kaoruko Ohtake.

Shout! The first anime was made available on Blu-ray Disc in January 2021 by Factory and Anime Limited. As stated by the businesses, the series is:

The Eden Hall is a small pub in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood that not many people manage to find. The famed bartender Ryu Sasakura, who is an expert at concocting the ideal beverage for each client, is in charge of running it. Throughout his tenure at Eden Hall, clients from different walks of life and carrying a variety of burdens come in for a divine glass at the Hall and a friendly word with Ryu, which both help them resolve their issues and revive them for a second chance at life.

The original manga was first serialized by Shueisha in their Super Jump magazine in 2004, and it subsequently transferred to Grand Jump. In February 2012, the twenty-first and last compiled book volume was delivered.

2011 saw the Japanese premiere of a live-action television version of the manga.

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