Spy Family Anime’s second installment is being streamed on Netflix in India.

On October 1, Netflix in India will start streaming the second cours (quarter of a year) of Tatsuya End’s SPYFAMILY television animation.

A second anime streaming service is Muse Asia.

Aside from Japan, Netflix also broadcast the first episode of the anime in India.

On April 9, Muse Asia began streaming the first episode of the anime on YouTube as it was airing in Japan.

On April 9, the animated series had its debut on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, and TVQ Kyuushuu. It was also shown on Niigata TV 21, TV Shizuoka, RCC Chugoku Broadcasting, and BS TV Tokyo. On October 1, the second course had its Japanese debut.

The manga in English is being published by Viz Media. The manga is also available in English through Shueisha’s MANGA Plus service. The manga was published in print as well as on Viz Media’s app in September 2019 as part of the Shonen Jump subscription.

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