The “Ambition” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI gives a summary of the plot.

The “Ambition” video for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI role-playing game went out on Thursday. The tale of the game, which includes Dominants with the capacity to summon a terrible power and locations in Valisthea’s realm, is preview in the video. In the trailer, there is also gameplay.

The PS5 will be the only system on which the single-player action RPG will be released. Despite an early livestreamed trailer mentioning a PC release, the game’s website and further trailers do not mention a PC version.

The game is being made by Creative Business Unit III at Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XVI is being produced by Hiroshi Takai (Final Fantasy XIV) and Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV).

On June, Yoshida claimed that the game was in its “final leg of development,” with the development team concentrating on final polishing. Yoshida earlier said that the game’s production has been slowed down by nearly six months due to challenges brought on by the continuing COVID-19 epidemic.

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