Tiger-Striped Shoes Draw Inspiration from Urusei Yatsura.

The Onitsuka Tiger shoe company and the upcoming Urusei Yatsura anime announced their connection on Thursday. This is a multifaceted partnership given that Lum is an Oni from an unknown world and dons a tiger-striped bikini. A very small number of tiger-striped sneakers are among the new items Onitsuka Tiger is releasing to mark the occasion.

A brief animated video by David Production, situated in the Urusei Yatsura universe, was also started streaming by the firm. In the future “Neo Shibuya,” Ataru and Lum are seen shopping. As they enter the actual Onitsuka Tiger store, chaos breaks out.

The television animation itself is part of the partnership. In the first episode, Ataru is shown wearing Onitsuka Tiger’s “Mexico 66” shoes, and in the third episode, Lum will wear the tiger-striped “Delicity” shoes, as illustrated in the collaborative image below:

Only 700 pairs of “Delicity” shoes will be offered for purchase starting on October 29 in 15 different nations. You may buy it through the actual retail branches or from Onitsuka Tiger’s online store. Other collaboration products include a sweater and tote bag, however they will only be offered in Japan.

From October 29 to November 6, the shoe company will build a pop-up shop in Shibuya that is modeled after the Neo Shibuya neighborhood from the anime advertisement. The store will display artwork that is connected to the collaboration.

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