The educational anime I Love Me: Exploring Gender has three new episodes.

On Friday, NHK said that three further episodes of the I Love Me adventure anime would premiere on NHK Educational on October 23, November 15, and November 22. There will be ten minutes in each episode.

Every character, including Mii, will be voiced by Hikari Mitsushima once more. This time around, the episodes are themed “Why do people pee the bed? What sort of families do people have?, “The quickest is #1″… or not?, and

Once more, Obak is creating the characters and Takeshi Takemura is penning the story. The music is chosen by HUMBERT HUMBERT. The curriculum is being supervised by professors of sex education, gender theory, developmental psychology, and other relevant fields.

The #BeyondGender initiative, which seeks to create a society in which individuals may live authentic lives free from restrictions imposed by socially constructed gender norms like “masculinity” and “femininity,” is linked to the anime. The anime follows Mii, who has daydreams and ideas brought on by inquiries about the human mind, body, and existence.

On NHK Educational, the first animation ran from March 28 to 30.

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