The ideal advertisement for cat food is Nights with a Cat.

The cute short cartoon works with the Ciao Churu cat food company.

The cute Nights with a Cat anime short released a 15-second cooperation promo on Thursday with the brand of cat food Ciao Churu, the ideal co-conspirator.

The following cats are featured in the advertisement: Uni, Komaru, Shirasu and Niboshi, Purin and Mel, Matsutake and Osushi, and Maru.

Since August 3, the anime has been releasing new episodes every week on its own YouTube page. In Japan, it is also broadcast on Tokyo MX and AT-X.

The anime is being directed and written by Minoru Ashina (Isekai Quartet, Kaiju Girls) at Studio Puyukai. The character designs are being drawn by animation director Minoru Takehara (Ple Ple Pleiades, Isekai Quartet). The soundtrack is being written by Kana Utatane (Mieruko-chan, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform). The sound director is Fumiyuki Go.

The manga was published on June 21 by Yen Press after receiving a license. According to the business, the following is how the tale is told:

All Fuuta wants to do when he gets home from work at night is spend time with his new kitten. In this laid-back and endearing comedy about coexisting with an adorable furball, all the enigmatic behaviors and mannerisms of house cats are painstakingly replicated!

Kyuryu Z originally shared the comic on a personal Twitter account, where it quickly gained popularity.

The manga’s fourth print volume will be released on October 27 by Kadokawa after the third print volume was released on April 28.

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