The LifeAfter Survival Game is now hosting the first Attack on Titan crossover.

On Thursday, the LifeAfter survival game by NetEase Games debuted its first crossover event with Attack on Titan. The celebration, which features a fresh level with the Armored Titan and more than 90 crossover items, will go on until September 29.

LifeAfter’s crossover event places the man-eating Titans just outside of Hope 101, much like the Attack on Titan original narrative. Players work together in groups of four in the new “Armored Titan Attacks Camp” level to ward off the Titans and protect the supply box in Downtown, although the Armored Titan will frequently dismantle the fortifications.

Cosmetics like character attire and home accents are among the crossover goods. The recognizable vertical moving equipment may be used to engage in aerial combat as well.

On its Facebook page, the game is running a giveaway contest for gift cards to Google Play. Like the relevant page articles and adhere to the rules in order to participate.

In November 2018 and February 2019, respectively, NetEase Games released its open-world zombie survival smartphone game LifeAfter in China.

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