The market for anime concerts grew by 195% in 2021, yet it only accounts for 50% of pre-pandemic revenue.

From January to December 2021, anime-related live entertainment events (including anime song concerts and concerts featuring anime voice actors and singers) generated a total market revenue of 12.1 billion yen (roughly US$81.34 million), according to a report published on October 5 by the Pia Sken live entertainment research company.

The amount is a 195 percent rise from the 2020 low of 4.1 billion yen (about US$27.6 million at the current exchange rate), which was caused by the lack of events as a result of COVID-19. The 2021 figure, however, only accounts for slightly more than half of the market income of 24.5 billion yen ($164.7 million by current conversion) in 2019, before the COVID-19 epidemic.

Animelo Summer Live, which was terminated in 2020, and Animax Musix, which featured both live performances and recorded music, were notable live entertainment events in 2021.

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