Vermeil in Gold Anime’s English Dubbed Cast is Streamed on HIDIVE.

At 12:30 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, HIDIVE will start broadcasting the English dub for the television anime adaptation of Kta Amana and Yko Umezu’s Vermeil in Gold (Kins no Vermeil: Gakeppuchi Majutsushi wa Saiky no Yakusai to Mah Sekai o Tsukisusumu) manga. Among the dub cast are:

  • Mike Haimoto as Alto
  • Monica Rial as Vermeil
  • Kira Vincent Davis as Lilia
  • Jay Hickman as Summon Teacher
  • Adam Gibbs as Obsidian
  • John Swasey as Narrator
  • Annie Wild as Cheryl
  • Greg Ayres as Bro
  • John Swasey as Headmaster
  • Brandon Hearnsberger as Rex
  • Joe Daniel as Marx
  • Brenda Palestina as Francoise
  • Olivia Swasey as Chris
  • Kara Greenberg as Jessica
  • Jeremy Gee as Ryuga
  • Dominique Meyer as Emma

Additional voices include those of Mai Le, Annie Wild, Kara Greenberg, Andrew Love, Dee Vera, Nathan Wilson, Shelley Calene-Black, Courtland Johnson, John Swasey, Dominique Meyer, Joe Daniels, Jeremy Gee, Brenda Palestina, and Dee Vera.

The English dub is being directed by John Swasey, while Marta Bechtol is penning the ADR script.

The audio engineer is Patrick Marrero, while Brent Marshall is in charge of the English mix.

The anime debuted on July 5 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, and BS11.

The anime has a license from Sentai Filmworks, and it will be made available on home video.

As the anime aired in Japan, HIDIVE streamed it.

The protagonist of the manga is Alto Goldfield, a student at a magical school who aspires to learn all magic. On the other hand, he discovers an old summoning grimoire just as he is about to flunk a class on summoning magic and risk being sent back a year. He inscribes a magic circle in accordance with its directives, which leads to the summoning of a potent demon named Vermeil who had been sealed for a very long time. He then makes Vermeil his familiar. Alto occasionally provides the voluptuous Vermeil with the mystical energy, which she claims by giving him a passionate kiss.

The anime at Staple Entertainment was directed by Takashi Naoya (Osamake, Val x Love, Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru), with Tatsuya Takahashi (The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, Ms. Koizumi likes ramen noodles, Domestic Girlfriend) overseeing the screenplays. The assistant director was Matsuo Asami. The characters were created by Ayana Togashi and Kiyoshi Tateishi (Val x Love, Gekidol). Along with Toshimitsu Kobayashi, Yukiyo Komito, and Atsushi Aono, Tateishi served as the primary animator. The CG director was Hiroyuki Ikeda. The color key artist was Ryoji Nagasaki, while the art director was Hiroki Ozaki. Tomomi Umetsu was in charge of editing, and Mitsuhiro Kuno served as the compositing director of photography.

The anime’s “Abracada-Boo” theme song was sung by Kaori Ishihara. The song “Mortal With You,” the epilogue of the anime, was sung by Mili.

In August 2018, Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine published Amana and Umezu’s first chapter of the manga.

The manga’s sixth collected volume was released by Square Enix on June 10.

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