Vincenzo is a Korean series which is trending as soon as released in Netflix. Vincenzo is the name of the main hero of the series who is in Mafia. Due to some tragic incidents he started punishing the bad people but still he knows that he is can’t be Budha but he can be Budha bodyguard by punishing all the evils.


After the death of the Godfather, he left the Italy and went to Korea. In Korea he went to Geumga Plazza where he meet his old friend. The main reason for him to come here is that there is a large amount of gold beneath the plazza which he plans to take out. In plazza there many people are living and have their stores.

After some time Vincenzo became friend with all the local people who has stores in the plazza. Due to a beggar , local people also came to know about the gold.

Vincenzo started working in a public firm in a the Plazza and slowly he came friend of the owner. Together they were fighting again the Bible group who were going to release a drug in the name of headache medicine for all the people. With lots of money they were able to get approval of all the authorities.

Bibble company is one of the top and powerful company of the Korea so they fought back and used some dirty tricks and one of them is to kill the Firm owner. After that Firm owner daughter and Vincezo joined the hand and fought togther.

Bible company keep on using dirty tricks but Vincenzo always return with the double impact which always harm the Bible company reputation. One of the dirtiest work they have done to harm Vincenzo is that they killed his mother. After that Vincenzo didn’t went easy on them.

At least he was able to kill all the faulty people of the Bible company and went to Malta and bought a island.

In this series there are only 20 episodes

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