Sweet Tooth ( TV Series 2021 )

Sweet Tooth is an American Fantasy Drama. It is based on a novel with the same name by Jeff Lemire. It is premiered on June 4, 2021, on Netflix.


Sweet Tooth Episode 1 – Out Of The Deep Woods

In Sweet Tooth Episode 1,There was a doctor, Aditya Singh, who lives with her wife, Rani. He found that the patients are having different types of disease which were never seen before, and they are unable to cure it. It’s getting worst and worst as time passes. Finally, the chaos has happened. Many people suffer from this disease, including his wife, Rani. This disease is occurring due to the HG95 virus. Soon they found that a mutation has been seen in newborn babies. In this mutation, their body parts developed the same as the animals. These mutated children are called hybrid.

However, The story is about a boy named Gus, who is also a mutated child, and he lived with his dad in the forest. His dad knows that the world has been divided into two categories that are new kind knows as hybrid and the normal peoples who hate hybrids because, with them, this chaos comes. So his dad took him to the forest to prevent him from those people, but with time, the curiosity in a boy is kept on increasing. He wants to know what is beyond that place.

At last, his dad also got the same disease and died. Now Gus has to live alone and do all adult stuff to survive. He got some hints from his dad where he can find his mom, and he prepared to leave the place to get to her mom, but things don’t go according to the plan. Two crazy persons tried to hunt the boy, but a big man was able to defeat them and helped the kid. The big man reached Gus house where Gus was hiding, but the big man could find Gus. Gus told him to leave, and the big man told him the Sweet Tooth. Big man left the place, advising him not to leave this place, but Gus followed the big man.

Episode 2 : Sorry About All The Dead People

Starting Big Man doesn’t want to take Gus with him, but he keeps on following him. They went to a house where a husband-wife and their son are living happily. They fed them and had some fun activities like dance and playing games.

While Aditya Singh keeps her wife safe from the Virus by providing her with a dose that a doctor provided. But from now on, Aditya has to make medicine by himself because the doctor will die from a disease that was an excuse to leave work.

While Gus was enjoying the new family, some people come to catch Gus. But the big man was able to get rid of all of them. The big man was trying to get Gus by leaving Gus there, but after fighting the bad guys, he decided to take Gus with him.

Aimee got a hybrid son outside his place which she took in.

Episode 3 : Weird Deer Shit

First, they went to the Big man place, an abandoned bus where he put his stuff. There they made a plan and spent their night. Big man planned to take Gus to a train leaving for Colorado, so they disguise Gus’s appearance so that he looked like a normal person wearing a mask. They went to the marketplace, but somehow they got caught, and the army came to know about Gus that he is a hybrid. Gus was almost gone on the train, but the army caught both of them. The army was taking them to their place, but in the way, an Animal army attacked and killed all the army people and saved them.

There was a party in the Aditya Singh neighbour where her wife wants to go badly, but Aditya tried to stop her because she was infected. Somehow she convinced him, and they went to the party, but people came to know that the host of the party is infected during the party. So they burned his house along with him.

Episode 4 : Secret Sauce

The Animal army took Gus, and the big man to their hideout and they show everything to Gus while capturing the big man. Gus told about her mother and journey with Big man to the leader of the Animan army. The leader told Gus that the big man is also one of those bad people known as The Last Man. They tried to kill the big Man when Gus stands in between the tiger and the Big Man. The tiger got afraid of Gus and backed off. Gus and Big man ran from there, and a fight between the Animan army people started. A new leader took over while the old leader, bear, left the place.

In Aditya Singh house, the Rani disease keeps on getting worse, and Aditya couldn’t find the cure. Along with all this trouble, one of the neighbours is got suspicious of Rani disease, so she asked for a random checkup. Aditya has to tell her that Rani is suffering from the disease too. She wants to tell others, so she went outside, but an accident occurred when a horse kicked her. Aditya and Rani took her inside the house.

Aimee is raising a hybrid kid who is curious to know about her kind like all other children. They both are having fun with their lives, but Aimee’s daughter always wants to help others while Aimee sits there and listens to all the people telling their sufferings. Aimee daughter hides a hybrid boy in their garden. After meeting that hybrid friend, Aimee changed her mind and started reaching out to people to help them.

Episode 5 : What’s In The Freezer

Big Man decided to go to Colorado with Gus to find his mom, and the Animal army ex-leader Bear also joined them. She was showing them the way from where they can catch the train and directly go to Colorado. The only problem is the valley of Sorrow which has many poisonous flowers. The big guy and the ex-leader Bear argued how to cross it while Gus crossed an old bridge by itself and fell into the valley. In the valley, Gus went to a dream where he was with his father. He talked to his father about all the rules of his father he broke. Big man catches Gus in Valley of sorrow and runs until the big valley doesn’t get over.

Aimee was having fun with new kids, but Wendy is having a hard time making friends. She told her daughter Wendy to be like she wants to be and stop caring for the other while one of the kid brought a pink ribbon to Aimee. Aimee found more pink ribbons on the fence, and now she knows that the last man army knew that they are here.

Aditya and His Wife Rani are already worried about the medicine, but now they also have to deal with their neighbour body he stores in his clinic’s fridge. Neighbours were trying to find her, but at last, they found the body in the fridge, but Aditya handled the matter by saying that she was infected. During the conversation, her wife Rani started coughing, and they know now that they are also infected, so they decide to burn them with their house. They were almost dead in the fire, but the army general has some other plans for Aditya Singh, so he saved them.

Episode 6 : Stranger Danger On The Train

Gus and his team were near the track, and now they have to run to catch the train. They were able to get to the train, but now they have to hide from others. A man saw them, but he was the old friend of the big man. The last man was also there, and they were checking the train, so Gus and his team have to jump from the train. They are in Colorado now.

Aimee knows that the last man spot them, and now they are outside of their house. She made all the hybrids run from her hideout while she waits for them.

General Abott saved Aditya and Rani, but he was there for the book of the earlier doctor, but somehow Aditya and Rani was able to make a story about a cure. Due to that, Abott has to save both of them, and he decided to take them with him. Aditya was really scared because he made a story about a cure, and he doesn’t know that he can make it or not, which no one could make in the last 10 years. But Rani supported him and told him that they all believe that he can find the cure.

Episode 7 : When Pubba Met Birdie

Gus dad works in a company as a cleaner while Birdie was the scientist in the same company. One day they met in the bar, and One thing leads to another, and they spend time together till 2 am. Birdie got a call that the government is seizing her research, so she and Gus dad went to the company to save the research. Gus dad found that the research was the Gus. Gus is the name of the research on which birdie was working. They took Gus, and Gus dad went away to the mountain to protect Gus while Birdie went back to destroy her research.

Gus team finally get to their destination, but there was not her mother but a friend of her mother. She said that the Birdie went away to search the Gus and never came back. She also gave Gus a key and told him that her mother wants her to give it to him. Gus and his team went to the room where they all find out about the research. After knowing that they both are not his birth parents, he was hurt and he runaways in the forest and keeps on running until getting exhausted.

Episode 8 : Big Man

General Abbot went to Aimee hideout to get the hybrids, but Aimee doesn’t want to give up, so he sends kids through the tunnel while set traps for General Abbot. She attacked them with the wire works traps, but still, kids get caught by him.

Angry Gus keeps on running until he found an abandoned helicopter used to share the template for keeping hybrid safe. He used the helicopter to call for help for hybrids. Big man and Bear were searching for Gus, so they decided to split. Bear stays home while Big Man found Gus.

Earlier Big man has a wife who was pregnant, and she gave birth to a hybrid. After seeing a hybrid baby, he started running because he was afraid. When he came back, his wife and child are gone.

Big man told his regretful actions but he also said some are good and you must be one of them. Suddenly he got shot by the last Man army and General Abbot kidnapped Gus.

In the General Abbot camp, they brought Aditya and his wife, Rani. Both of them are separated. Aditya had to work on a cure while Rani has been waiting for him. Aditya met Gus, and in few seconds, he realised that Gus is a special hybrid, so he asked for another hybrid for the operation to take out the special juice. The army put Gus in the same room where other hybrids were. Gus meets Wendy and other hybrids, and they all hugged.

While waiting, Bear told her story to the Birdie friend that she was adopted and her parents died because of the virus. She also has a younger sister who was a hybrid, and the last man army took her sister. Birdie friend to that never gives up. Just try harder. Maybe you will be able to find her.

Bear was trying to contact the Birdie. After some while, she was able to contact the Birdie.


  • Aditya Singh is the Doctor who lives with his wife, Rani.
  • Gus is a hybrid kid who lost his father and wants to get in touch with his mom, who lives far, so he started his journey with the big man.
  • Birdie is the mother of Gus.
  • Aimee is a physiatrist who doesn’t connect to anyone. She feels alone all the time.
  • Wendy was the daughter of Aimee.
  • Beccy, knows as Bear who is the founder of Animal army
  • General Abbot is the general of the last man


  • Nonso Anozie as Big Man
  • Christian Convey as Gus
  • Adeel Akhtar as Dr. Aditya Singh
  • Stefania Lavie Owen as Bear
  • Dania Ramirez as Aimee Eden
  • Aliza Vellani as Rani
  • James Brolin as Narrator
  • Will Forte as Pubba
  • Sarah Peirse as Dr Gladys Bell
  • Neil Sandilands as General Abbot
  • Naledi Murray as Wendy

About Sweet Tooth

The first season with 8 episode is premiered on Netflix on June 4th 2021. It’s a fantasy drama based on a novel with the same name by Jeff Lemire. Jeff Grace gives the music on the series. Jim Mickle, Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. are the executive producers. The producers are Evan Moore, Mel Turner and Christian Ham. New Zealand is the production location.

Sweet Tooth 2nd Season

A correct date is still not been released but Autumn month of 2022 has been the best guess.

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