WhatsApp New Update: increases group call limit from 4 to 8 people

Today. March 25, 2020 Whatsapp announced that they expand their group calling limit from four people to eight people. This is the major update which everyone wants to connect with more.

In the time of year, when peoples are in lockdown due to CoronaVirus Pandemic, this major updates helps peoples to connect with more peoples.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this major update with bunch of new products.

Peoples who are having beta version of Whatsapp in iOS and Android, got this feature earlier this week but, from next week, it will be available for all.

Houseparty allows eight participant while Google Duo allows 12 participants in a group call. And now, whatsapp will also have eight participants in a group call.

This feature will come with a new update. In next week, new update of Whatsapp will be available in playstore and app store.

After a dark theme for whatsapp, this is the major update with which Whatsapp came.

This feature not only helps family and friends but also helps in saving time for the business and companies. Seniors will be able to connect with more peoples and they don’t have to waste more time to repeat same things to some more peoples.

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