Facebook challenges Zoom with Messenger Rooms, supporting 50 video callers at once

Facebook will provide more AR features than Zoom. Not only that, you can also connect with 50 Video callers at a time.

In this time of Pandemic, video calling became a way to connect peoples. Lot’s of peoples are connecting with family, their colleague’s and relatives through it.

As we know, it is not safe to meet each other at this time. Everyone is using Videocon to connect to each other.

Zoom, Google and Microsoft are providing all video calls so that everyone is connected to their calligues, related, and family through video calls.

But on this day, Facebook has also come down in this competition. Facebook came with a update in which its chat app’s video capability will support 50 participants at once.

With this new update, people don’t have to install any new app. They just have to use messenger and they can contact to their friends. This way of connecting to each other is really easy.

If you don’t have a Facebook account then also you can connect to the video call by just clicking the link and you will redirected to the video call which will be in messenger.

  1. How to create Messenger room in Facebook?

    To create a messenger room in Facebook you have to create a room and it will have a option of sharing by which you can share it on your feed, group, event page and in personal message. Whoever clicks the link will land to the video call directly. No other details or account is needed.

  2. Can we put a limit on number of participants in the video call in Facebook?

    Yes, you can put a limit and also make a private video chat room for particular peoples.

Same like ZOOM app, Facebook supports fake backgrounds. In addition, it also has 360-degree backdrops available. With AR filter, it will offer 14 new filters which helps in modifying light during the video calls which makes things more interesting.

Whatsapp also increased their participants from four to eight in video calls. [READ MORE]

This update in Facebook app will be available from next week.

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