Young Women Shouldn’t Participate in Fighting Games Live-action shows and manga are both listed.

The manga Tai Ari Deshita: Oj-sama wa Kakut Game Nante Shinai (Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games), written by Eri Ejima, is listed as the source of a live-action television series in the fifth volume, which was posted on the Kikuya bookshop in Sendai’s Twitter account on Friday.

A manga-inspired anime is also under development.

The manga, which Seven Seas is publishing in English, gives the following plot summary:

The Kuromi Girls’ Academy is a classy, polished institution that demands the highest standards of behavior from its young girls. Aya wishes to become as beautiful as her hero and fellow student Shirayui after receiving a scholarship to attend this elite affluent girls’ school. Shirayui is a dedicated player, but she is also a trash-talking, combo-chaining, newbie-stomping, vicious gamer! Could their shared enjoyment of violent video games lead to a closer relationship between the two girls?

On November 22, Seven Seas will publish the manga’s fourth volume.

In January 2020, Ejima published the first issue of the manga in Monthly Comic Flapper from Kadokawa. The sixth book was published on Friday.

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