Frontman Ryan Karazija of Low Roar dies at the age of 40.

Arknights and Death Stranding both include music by the band.

Ryan Karazija, the lead singer of the band Low Roar, went away, according to a post on the band’s official Instagram account on Saturday. He was 40.

Following his passing, the group issued the following statement:

His exquisite songs and lyrics, performed in his ethereal voice, have touched the hearts of many people throughout the globe and will continue to do so. Our worlds have been completely rocked by the death of this kind and lovely soul. May we honor his memory via his craft and cherish his melodies for all time.

According to the band, its members are already working on the sixth album, which will be finished and made available.

The band’s first album was published in 2011, and the fifth and most recent one was in 2021.

The band’s catalog is prominently included in the Death Stranding video game by Kojima Productions. The band additionally provided a song for the Arknights mobile game.

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