I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Young Sister? A light novel series that has four volumes ends in September.

I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Little Sister?! (Kanojo no Imto to Kiss wo Shita.) light novel series will come to an end with the fourth volume, which will be published on September 14. This was verified by author Riku Misora on Twitter on Sunday.

I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Young Sister

The light novel series is being published in English by Tentai Books, and the first book is described as follows:

How did the younger twin sister of my lover wind up as my new stepsister?

“At this moment, you sound really anxious. You’re just so cute, brother.

My first girlfriend, Haruka, and I have been dating for a month now. Today, while holding hands, we even made it to first base!

You’re such a lousy boyfriend, Of all people, I can’t believe you’re thinking about your young sister while you’re holding hands with your partner!

Another reason why today is significant is because my dad is getting remarried, which means I will have a new stepsister. Shigure is her name, and Haruka’s twin in almost every way. She is actually Haruka’s long-lost twin sister, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. They were divided at birth because of a familial situation.

“Don’t worry, dude. I resemble my sister in every way, including, well, you know. I don’t blame you in the least.

Her arrival introduces a fresh, twisted kind of love that complicates the passionate love life of our protagonist! He is not allowed to reveal what has been happening to his girlfriend!

Check out this sassy rom-com with a desperate and vulgar stepsister!

In Japan, the first volume was released by SoftBank Creative in April 2020.

High school prodigies had it easy in another world and Misora’s Chivalry of a Failed Knight TV anime versions were both influenced by light book series. High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! by Yen Press and Chivalry of a Failed Knight by Sol Press are both being published in English.

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