A new romance manga by Keiko Iwashita will debut in October.

In the December edition of Kodansha’s Dessert magazine, which will be published in October, manga author Keiko Iwashita will debut a new series titled Museru Kurai no Ai wo Ageru (I’ll Give You Enough Love to Choke On). On her Twitter page, Iwashita shared a manga illustration.

A distinctive musician and an ambitious designer with polar opposite personalities are the focus of the romance comic. The girl thinks the guy has a poor demeanor when they first meet at a ramen shop, but she subsequently runs into him at a concert.

In Dessert, Iwashita published the Living-Room Matsunaga-san (Living no Matsunaga-san) manga from December 2016 through July 2021. In August 2021, Kodansha released the manga’s eleventh and last volume.

The manga was first released digitally in December 2017 by Kodansha USA Publishing. The manga is also being printed by the corporation. The manga’s eleventh volume was released on July 19 by Kodansha USA.

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