In 2023, NISA will release R-Type Tactics I, II, Cosmos, and R-Type Final 3 Evolved in English.

R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos will be made available in the summer of 2023 in the West for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam, according to information provided by NIS America and Granzella during a livestream presentation on Saturday.

NIS America explains R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos as follows:

In R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos, the ultimate turn-based strategy shoot ’em up collection, outwit and outgun your adversary!

This two-game bundle of the iconic R-Type Tactics games debuts on contemporary platforms for the first time. It comes with an armada of distinctive troops to use over several stages, all of which are graphically represented in Unreal Engine 5.

While engaging in competitive online play, you may compete against other players while taking on the Bydo Empire in several campaigns before playing as them.

The R-Type Final 3 Evolved game for the PS5 will also be released in English by NIS America in the spring of 2023. English and Japanese audio and text in addition to other languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean will be included in the release. A soundtrack and a softcover art book will be included in the deluxe version.

As stated by NIS America, the game is:

The renowned side-scroller series is back, and it’s available on the PS5TM! With all the DLC levels from Stage Pass 1 and previously unavailable extra stages, R-Type Final 3 Evolved is a must-have game for both novice and seasoned shoot-’em-up enthusiasts. It delivers the intense R-Type Final 2 action to the PS5TM in Unreal Engine 5.

The R-Type Final 2 follow-up game was made available by Granzella in April 2021 for the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC through Steam.

1987 saw the release of the first R-Type arcade shooter. For the PS2, R-Type Final made its debut in 2003. R-Type Tactics and its follow-up, R-Type Tactics II, made their PlayStation Portable debuts in 2007 and 2009, respectively. In November 2018, Tozai Titles released R-Type Dimensions, a collection of the original two R-Type games, for PC through Steam.