Battle of Titans, JoJo Anime Author Yasuko Kobayashi Launches a New Manga.

On Tuesday, the Danzai Lock (Six Wards of Punishment) manga was released on the Kodansha Comic Days app by anime scriptwriter Yasuko Kobayashi and illustrator Saki Nonoyama. The tale is written by Kobayashi, while the artwork is created by Nonoyama.

The manga is set in a society in which everyone who commits a murder receives a death sentence, regardless of the reasons. The “Six Prison Districts,” where inmates on death row are housed, have developed a peculiar economic structure. As it does every day, a steam train transports fresh inmates to one of these neighborhoods one day. Along with the other passengers, Yshin gets off the ship wearing priestly attire and claiming to be a chaplain. He soon runs with Kunoji, a man carrying a blade.

The Witchblade Takeru manga, which is based on the Witchblade anime series for which Kobayashi served as the lead writer, has already had its plot written by her. The Kamen Rider Amazons Gaiden: Hotarubi manga was written by Kobayashi as well. Since Jigoku Sensei Nube debuted in 1996, Kobayashi has been writing anime screenplays. Her most recent productions include Attack on Titan (2013–2019), Kakegurui, and Dororo in addition to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012–2021).

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