Code Geass Virtual Concert Teaser Video by FLOW Unveiled

Rock band FLOW’s virtual reality performance for the Code Geass series features a teaser video, which anime digital products company Gugenka has shared with ANN. The band’s rehearsal is seen in the film, along with a sneak peek at their digital personas.

On November 6 and 13, the performance will be broadcast live on the platforms VRChat and SHOWROOM.

The MakeAvatarEngine will be used by FLOW to produce AI-generated avatars. Lelouch, the main character from the Code Geass video game, will also voice the live performance, which will feature lines by Jun Fukuyama.

Gugenka established a free exhibition for the Code Geass series in VRChat to advertise the event.

Regular admission tickets cost 6,600 yen (about $45), while complete package tickets with additional Code Geass digital figurines and avatars cost 13,200 yen (around $91 USD). A FLOW T-shirt costume for use in VRChat will be given to those who purchase tickets before October 25. On October 29, the MakeAvatar app will provide “Live Entrance Avatar Costumes” to all ticket holders. Gugenka’s web store offers more outfits for purchase. Entry to the event venue requires both a ticket purchase and an XMarket login.

For Slayers, Knight of Sidonia, and Re:Zero, among others, Gugenka has organized and created a number of anime VR events and products.

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