Reddit Has Chatroom Now : Know Its All Features

In a latest update, Reddit announced a new chatroom called “START CHATTING”. This feature will help all the bored peoples who are in their houses during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

In the start chatting, you will be put in a group chat where you can chat with multiple people in the community. It will keep your day interesting as well as you can talk about your favorite topic.

It may help you to get some friends during this pandemic.

This features was available to 16,000 subreddits at first to know their reaction and their views regarding this new feature. In this group chat, you will find people who will be interested on the same topic as you are.

The main motive of Reddit is that user can spend more time on their website. Not only in comments but in a group they can share their views and talk about a topic in which they are interested.

This new features was not their first attempt. In 2018, they made the same experiments with some subreddit around the word but the experiment didn’t fulfilled the expectations.

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Like all chatting apps, In Reddit also they are concern about bullying, spam and harassment too. Report options will be available for this kind of behaviors. It will lead to temporary block or unable to start chat in any group for a limited time. If the same mistakes got repeated, then maybe account will got permanently suspended.

Beside this option, a block option like other apps will be available here to. If you block someone in Reddit then he or she will not be able to text you next time.

With all these features, Reddit said that they will also building an opt-out features for moderators. This option will give the access to moderators that they can remove the option of “Start Chatting” option as their wish.

This option will help them to manage their audience. It will also help in making a safe environment.

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