Creator and producer of the BlazBlue video game series Toshimichi Mori has left Arc System Works.

Toshimichi Mori, the inventor and producer of the BlazBlue fighting game series, made his retirement from Arc System Works public on Twitter on Sunday. He had worked there for 20 years.

Mori expressed his gratitude to the business, the team, and all of the customers who had supported him while he was employed at Arc System Works, and he said that he hoped to carry on in some capacity providing games to customers. He also expressed regret for whatever discomfort his departure from Arc System Works may have caused to BlazBlue supporters.

While working with a firm named PickPack on the video game Guilty Gear X, Mori joined Arc System Works. The BlazBlue fighting game series was later developed by him, and he worked as its producer, story writer, and illustrator. On the Guilty Gear series, he also served as a designer and producer.

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