Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 1

In Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San) Episode 1, Hayacchi was having chit chat with her girlfriends while a guy came in the room and sit on next table to them. He was trying to study but they are talking very loud. Suddenly some papers of his fall down and a girl of that group was standing near tried to help him and she found that he was a manga artist. They checked the manga and went outside but out of those a girl name Hayacchi stayed. She sit in front of him and starting talking about the manga.

She started making fun of his manga as the guy who is older than him made a fantasy character in his image so she tried to make the same scene as manga. But the guy wasn’t able to do the same as manga so she started teasing him and eventually he got a tear in his eyes. She give him her hankie and asked for apology.

At that time, he wasn’t able to sleep. His mind was full of her sound which he was keep on hearing.

Next day, she meet him outside the art room and he gave her hankie back and went inside the art room. She also went inside and forced him to make her drawing by telling him to make a sexy drawing. He stopped her and agreed to make a normal picture. She also said that she will give him reward for it.

He was uncomfortable to watch a girl but at last he made a drawing of her. She told him to close his eyes to get a reward and he started thinking that he is going to get a kiss so he made a puff. She again started making fun of him and told him that try to make a good drawing next time and she will give a big reward. He started crying again.

They both are going home with the same route and on their way, She asked him to go out and he got all red. Again she started making fun of him and pushed him in the flow. He rolled-over and fall in the water.

She asked him that why are you not getting angry on me. His childhood was full of bullying memories and he always tried to ignore them and that’s what he is doing right now and asked maybe he had a crush on her. So he replied that he don’t hate talking to her. And then he asked for her name. She replied that you can call me Nagatoro. Let’s get to know each other Senpai.

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