Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 4

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San) Episode 4, Due to oil painting his hands were dirty so he was cleaning it. Suddenly she came and pushed him over to clean the hand with the same hand. She started teasing him by saying that it looks like we are bathing before having sex and started washing his hands. He ran away because he wasn’t able to handle it.

He was eating lunch alone in his art room but her friends came and started teasing him. They made him forcefully touch one of the friend breast but it was a bean bun hiding inside her clothes. Suddenly Nagatoro came and they both run away.

Nagatoro said that finally you got to touch the breast and he replied that it was a bean bun. She saw him that she got a premium bean bum which is very soft. She offered him to play a game in which she will put the bean bun on top of her breast and he has to select the premium bean bun by touching and recognising the softness. If he win then he can have the premium bean bun. They started playing and the premium bean bum came out of the dress and he touched her real breast. She beat him and eat the premium bean bun by herself.

Senpai, you could be a little more

She managed to make his mind to draw her. So he was waiting for her and she came with a sofa. She brought it from another class who doesn’t need it. He wants to get praised so she tell him to praise other to get praised. She told him to praise her but he wasn’t able to think of normal stuff and finally he praised her and now she has to praise him back and she started teasing him again. He change the topic by saying that today he has to draw her.

She teased him by making different uncomfortable pose and finally slept. When she slept after that he was able to draw her. She saw the drawing and decided to give award to him so she told him to close the eyes and he did. He felt something soft on his lips and thought its her lips. He opened his eyes and saw it was a toy. She again started teasing him.

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