Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 5

Senpai’s Poofball

In Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San) Episode 5, She was sleeping and having a dream that she is teasing him like always and her friends came and took him away from her. She awake and got scared by the dream and said that he is looking leas gross today and he took it as a compliment.

She wanna see what funny noises he will make when she will tickle her. He don’t want her to do that but who could stop her. She forcefully tickle him and he made noises as expected. He asked about her sensitivity and she replied that she is not ticklish so they tried but before he could touch her armpit she stopped him.

She showed him a video in which a sheep is sheared off and by watching that video she realised that his hair also gotten very long. She offered to cut them but he denied and at last he said yes to her. Before she could start, she got a call from her friends and she leave to meet them. Her friends wanna tease him so they entered the art room in her absence and found the shaver. They tried to cut his hair forcefully but before they can do that she came back and they have to run from their. Then she cut his hair and he liked it.

Thanks Senpai

Its a Summer season and its very hot so they both decided to eat shaved ice but the shop was really crowded. She insisted to get in line and after some time she was not in a good condition so he took her away. He gave him water to drink and she brought ice cream for him. While returning home they exchanged theirs contacts because from tomorrow there will be a summer break. She asked for the tea he is having and drink it. When she left, before drinking the tea, he started to think that she drink from the same bottle and suddenly he started getting perv messages from her. He looked back and she was watching him.

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