Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 3

In Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San) Episode 3, He was drawing in his art class when suddenly she came and offered her to be a model he can draw. He said no but she removed her skirt and T-shirt. He was afraid so he closed his eyes but then he saw that she is wearing swimming suit under her clothes.

After school they both are running because of rain and they have to take shelter under a place. She tries to mess up with him again by telling him that she is wet and don’t look here because he can look through her dress. He thought like she is messing with her and she is wearing swimming suit like earlier so he saw her but she wasn’t wearing swimming suit. Again she started teasing him.

Rain was not stopping so he thought of going like this but she offered him to come to her house which is very near to that place. They went to her house. He started day dreaming that her parents will be like her and they will toy with him. There were no one in the home and she gave him her brother dress. They both started playing games. She wasn’t able to win the first match so after that all matched she win by cheating. In the evening he went to home while saying that he had fun in playing games.

Next day he went to dining hall in his school to eat alone but there was not a single seat beside her so he sit with her. She said that he is her boyfriend to her friends and they all started to tease him together. One of the friend tried to touch him twice and she stopped her. Other friend said bug to him and she got angry but before that he stood and shout that he is not her boyfriend.

In art class they both are alone so she started teaching him to take a stand whenever someone says anything bad to him. She told him to smack a person if they say anything bad to him. They both tried and at last he smack her but on her breast instead of back. She again started teasing him.

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