Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San


Episode 1

Senpai Don’t You Ever Get Angry

Hayacchi was having chit chat with her girlfriends while a guy came in the room and sit on next table to them. Hachioji was trying to study but they are talking very loud. Suddenly some papers of his fall down and a girl of that group was standing near tried to help him and she found that he was a manga artist. They checked the manga and went outside but out of those a girl name Hayacchi stayed. She sit in front of him and starting talking about the manga.

Nagatoro started making fun of his manga as the guy who is older than him made a fantasy character in his image so she tried to make the same scene as manga. But the guy wasn’t able to do the same as manga so she started teasing him and eventually Hachioji got a tear in his eyes. She give him her hankie and asked for apology.

At that time, Hachioji wasn’t able to sleep. His mind was full of her sound which he was keep on hearing.

Next day, Nagatoro meet him outside the art room and he gave her hankie back and went inside the art room. She also went inside and forced him to make her drawing by telling him to make a sexy drawing. Hachioji stopped her and agreed to make a normal picture. She also said that she will give him reward for it.

Hachioji was uncomfortable to watch a girl but at last he made a drawing of her. Nagatoro told him to close his eyes to get a reward and he started thinking that he is going to get a kiss so he made a puff. She again started making fun of him and told him that try to make a good drawing next time and she will give a big reward. He started crying again.

They both are going home with the same route and on their way, Nagatoro asked him to go out and he got all red. Again she started making fun of him and pushed him in the flow. He rolled-over and fall in the water.

Nagatoro asked him that why are you not getting angry on me. His childhood was full of bullying memories and he always tried to ignore them and that’s what Hachioji is doing right now and asked maybe he had a crush on her. So he replied that he don’t hate talking to her. And then he asked for her name. She replied that you can call me Nagatoro. Let’s get to know each other Senpai.

Episode 2

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

Hachioji was alone in his art class getting happy that he bought the adult manga and now he can read it. Suddenly Nagatoro came in the class and snatched the adult manga and started making fun of him. He tried to convince her that he wants to read the manga story Vampire. She also love vampire so she started reading it.

Nagatoro considered him with a character who got killed in the manga. Then she tried to convince him that she is a vampire and now she wanna try to taste a blood of him. Hachioji was scared and she jumped on him. He told her to stop but she opened her first button and started touching his neck. When she went near to his neck to take a bite then she smelled garlic and went away from him. He tried to run but she jumped on him. Accidentally she touched his penis.

When they were going home, Nagatoro started teasing him about all the things happened and started questioning like how he felt and wanna do once more. At night Paien was having perv thoughts about Nagatoro.

Next day Nagatoro came to Hachioji when he was going to start drawing in the art class and told him to play nipple guessing game. Hachioji tried to say no but she convinced him by telling him that the prize is you can ask me to do anything ticket. She played the game first and win. He was to win to get the ticket but before he can touch her she pushed him and told him that the time is over and now she has to go to meet her friend.

After the school, Hachioji went to the family restaurant to finish his manga and found her with a group of two boys and two girl. He started checking them. One by one both guys tried to talk with Nagatoro but both of them have been turned down by her. Her friend asked her that she fixed a meeting because they are interested in her. She replied that they are not interested and she don’t want her to do that.

While watching everything, Hachioji realised that he is the only with whom Nagatoro messes up. During his journey to home, Nagatoro met her and again started to tease him. He tried to ask that is he the only one but he stopped.

Episode 3

Let’s Play Again Senpai

Hachioji was drawing in his art class when suddenly she came and offered her to be a model he can draw. He said no but she removed her skirt and T-shirt. He was afraid so he closed his eyes but then he saw that she is wearing swimming suit under her clothes.

After school they both are running because of rain and they have to take shelter under a place. She tries to mess up with him again by telling him that she is wet and don’t look here because he can look through her dress. Hachioji thought like she is messing with her and she is wearing swimming suit like earlier so he saw her but she wasn’t wearing swimming suit. Again she started teasing him.

Rain was not stopping so Hachioji thought of going like this but Nagatoro offered him to come to her house which is very near to that place. They went to her house. He started day dreaming that her parents will be like her and they will toy with him. There were no one in the home and she gave him her brother dress. They both started playing games. She wasn’t able to win the first match so after that all matched she win by cheating. In the evening he went to home while saying that he had fun in playing games.

Next day Hachioji went to dining hall in his school to eat alone but there was not a single seat beside her so he sit with her. Nagatoro said that he is her boyfriend to her friends and they all started to tease him together. One of the friend tried to touch him twice and she stopped her. Other friend said bug to him and she got angry but before that he stood and shout that he is not her boyfriend.

In art class they both are alone so she started teaching him to take a stand whenever someone says anything bad to him. She told him to smack a person if they say anything bad to him. They both tried and at last Hachioji smack her but on her breast instead of back. She again started teasing him.

Epsiode 4

You’re All Red Senpai

Due to oil painting his hands were dirty so Hachioji was cleaning it. Suddenly Nagatoro came and pushed him over to clean the hand with the same hand. She started teasing him by saying that it looks like we are bathing before having sex and started washing his hands. He ran away because he wasn’t able to handle it.

Hachioji was eating lunch alone in his art room but her friends came and started teasing him. They made him forcefully touch one of the friend breast but it was a bean bun hiding inside her clothes. Suddenly Nagatoro came and they both run away.

Nagatoro said that finally you got to touch the breast and Hachioji replied that it was a bean bun. Nagatoro saw him that she got a premium bean bum which is very soft. She offered him to play a game in which she will put the bean bun on top of her breast and he has to select the premium bean bun by touching and recognising the softness. If he win then he can have the premium bean bun. They started playing and the premium bean bum came out of the dress and he touched her real breast. She beat him and eat the premium bean bun by herself.

Senpai, you could be a little more

Nagaroto managed to make his mind to draw her. So Hachioji was waiting for her and she came with a sofa. She brought it from another class who doesn’t need it. He wants to get praised so she tell him to praise other to get praised. She told him to praise her but he wasn’t able to think of normal stuff and finally he praised her and now she has to praise him back and she started teasing him again. He change the topic by saying that today he has to draw her.

Nagatoro teased him by making different uncomfortable pose and finally slept. When she slept after that he was able to draw her. She saw the drawing and decided to give award to him so she told him to close the eyes and he did. He felt something soft on his lips and thought its her lips. He opened his eyes and saw it was a toy. She again started teasing him.

Episode 5

Senpai’s Poofball

Nagatoro was sleeping and having a dream that she is teasing him like always and her friends came and took him away from her. She awake and got scared by the dream and said that Hachioji is looking less gross today and he took it as a compliment.

Nagatoro wanna see what funny noises Hachioji will make when she will tickle her. He don’t want her to do that but who could stop her. She forcefully tickle him and he made noises as expected. He asked about her sensitivity and she replied that she is not ticklish so they tried but before he could touch her armpit she stopped him.

Nagatoro showed him a video in which a sheep is sheared off and by watching that video she realised that his hair also gotten very long. She offered to cut them but he denied and at last he said yes to her. Before she could start, she got a call from her friends and she leave to meet them. Her friends wanna tease him so they entered the art room in her absence and found the shaver. They tried to cut his hair forcefully but before they can do that she came back and they have to run from their. Then she cut his hair and he liked it.

Thanks Senpai

Its a Summer season and its very hot so they both decided to eat shaved ice but the shop was really crowded. Nagatoro insisted to get in line and after some time she was not in a good condition so he took her away. Hachioji gave him water to drink and she brought ice cream for him. While returning home they exchanged theirs contacts because from tomorrow there will be a summer break. She asked for the tea he is having and drink it. When she left, before drinking the tea, he started to think that she drink from the same bottle and suddenly he started getting perv messages from her. He looked back and she was watching him.

Episode 6

You’re A Wimp Senpai

Hachioji wakes up in a new world named Chichibu Nagatoro. A girl told him that he was chosen as a savior to save them from a demon lord and he has the ability to be a great wizard. A big wizard appeared in from of him and Nekotoro’s saved him. They both started there journey to defeat the demon lord. On their journey, they were defeating demons. One time, they defeated a big dragon which turned into Gamo-chan after getting defeated and joined forces with them. A egg hatched and Yoshi came from that egg and joined their teams too.

Four of them visited demon lord castle to defeat him but demon lord was not there. Suddenly, all three girls changed and revealed that Nekotoro is the Demon Lord Magatoro , Gamo is the Demon Lord Magagamo, and Yoshi is the Demon Lord Magayoshi. Three of them started teasing him and told that he will be their new toy forever.

Hachioji was making a manga the whole time while sitting in a family cafe. All three of them saw him and approached to him. He don’t want to show his drawing to them so he put his books in his bag and straight went to home. A book was missed by him and she saw her drawing. She went after him and started asking question about his drawing while teasing him. He said that he don’t know about it. She said then I am taking this book.

Senpai! Let’s Go To The Beach

Hachioji was lying on bed, enjoying his ice cream when he got a call from Nagatoro and she invited him to go to the beach. He went to beach with Nagatoro and her friend. When they are in the beach, they all tried to tease him by showing themselves in bikini. He went to bring cold drink for himself.

All three girls went swimming while Hachioji started drawing, Nagatoro came to him and told him to join them but he said that he is afraid of getting sunburn. She showed him the sun’s cream and told him that she will use it on him but he replied that only couples should do this and we are not couple. She got angry and started putting sun’s cream on him roughly through his foot. Both of her friends also started doing same. After using all the sun’s cream, they all went on swimming and enjoyed whole day, In night, Nagatoro asked from him on call that does he got sunburned and its fun being on the beach on Summer. He replied that with all that sun’s cream he didn’t get a sunburn but his body is aching and it was fun on the beach.

Episode 7

Senpai, Want To Go To The Festival?

It was a summer festival today and Hachioji is waiting for Nagatoro to invite him but he didn’t got any invitation. He don’t have gut to invite her so he directly stopped by thinking he might bump to Nagatoro. But instead of Nagatoro he bumped with her friend and they started teasing him by putting collar on his neck. They sent the picture to Nagatoro who was busy in her club activity but after seeing that pic, she ran to them. She asked for the collar from her but her friend told her that she has to get it so they started a compitition.

They started playing games. During playing games, Nagatoro asked him that is he waiting her to invite him in the Festival. Hachioji directly refused but she can see in his reaction. She said if there somewhere you want to go with someone, you could always ask for it. After playing different games, somehow Nagatoro manage to win and get her Sempai from her friends. After that her friends left both of them and they hangout together in the festival.

It’s Like A Date, Huh, Senpai

They both are hanging out and eating street food. Suddenly Nagatoro asked from his that its like a date and Hachioji replied that for a date people needs to go from a proper procedure. She started teasing him and asked him to hold hand. Before he can hold hand, fireworks started and they get in the row for firework. The row is very so he took her to place from where they can see the firework. He took him there and she started teasing him by saying that is there any wrong intension of him taking her in a dark place like this. He asked him what wrong intension and she said kiss and they found that two more couples are kissing there. They both run away from their and watched fireworks from other place. Later on there way, he asked to come here again next year. She started teasing him by saying that we should matching Yukatas.

Let’s Go Home, Senpai

Nagatoro was sitting with her group and Hachioji saw them while on his way to home. Suddenly two boys joined them and started asking Nagatoro to hangout but she total denied. He came to his group and while hesitating said, lets go. Nagatoro and whole group left those both boys and went with him. While on the home to home, they all are teasing him by saying him Hentai Manga Sensei.

Episode 8

Hachioji is very thin so Nagatoro decided to make him do some exercise but he don’t want to move around. She came with a idea and told him to be in a dog position and then she sit on him. He started to get tired so she started making fun of him by treating him like a horse and then suddenly two girls passing from there, saw both of them.

That Might Actually Be Fun, Senpai

Midterms are there is four days and Hachioji is playing a game day and night. Nagatoro started teasing her that if he will not study and fails than they both will be classmate. She will tease her during whole class. He replied that it will not be boring around you. She started teasing him more.

Hachioji started studying in the library while Nagatoro and all her friends started teasing him that if he fail once that he can also fails twice. After that they all will be senior to him. He started thinking, what will happen if they will become senior. They will tease him all day and he will run all errands for them. He got scarred by this though and studied hard and got a good grade.

Let’s Play Rock-Paper-Scissors, Senpai

Nagatoro was on his way to Hachioji and outside of his Art class, he heard some weird noise of some girls. She took all there things in the wrong way so she finally decided so she what’s going on. She found that, Hachioji helped one of Nagatoro friends and now they are helping him to pull out a splinter. She took the equipment from her friend hand and removed the splinter.

On there way to home, Nagatoro asked that he likes to carry cute girls stuff. He replied that she need a help so he did it. She said lets play a game and loser will carry bag of the winner. In first game, Nagatoro lost so she carry his bag. In second match, Hachioji considerate and lost the match and carried the bag. In third round also he lost but this time instead of bad, he has to carry Nagatoro. She was teasing her so she slipped a little bit and he tried to carry her but his hand slip towards her thigh. He said sorry but she started running from there.

Later on that night, she called him saying thank you for carrying bag and ask him that what she is doing. He replied maybe watching TV or something else. She said wrong, I am taking shower and Hachioji freaked out. She started teasing him and by mistake started video and Hachioji saw her inside her bath tub. He told her about this and she also freaked out. They both calmed and Nagatoro said that it was not a big deal for her.

Epsiode 9

Nagatoro is practicing a shadow boxing and she told Hachioji to practice with her. She keep or throwing punches toward him. He slept and leaned on Nagatoro. He apolosied thinking that she is going to beat him but instead of that, she started thinking that it was a clinch move. She told this story to all her friends and then they also want to do clinch with Hachioji but Nagatoro is against of it so she tired to protect him.

Senpai’s Such A Closet Perv!!

Hachioji was tired and he just want to draw in her art room but when he entered in his class, he found that Nagatoro and her friends are already there, making drawing and chilling out. He entered and told them why they are here. They told him that they generally chill out in dinning room but from some days, a weired group is making sound there and when they told them to keep it low , they ignore it. Hachioji said that he don’t think that you guys will back off. They relied they didn’t and they sent Saboteur to them. She will flirt with all of them and at last the group will break. They started making joke about males that they are slave of their horny.

Nagatoro friends said that Hachioji is not a horny but Nagatoro didn’t accepted and they both started arguing. At last Nagatoro challenged her friends that she will find a dirty book in this room hidden by Hachioji. She accepted the challenged and Nagatoro started finding the book but she wasn’t able to find any. Hachioji brought a dirty book from other room and put on a book shelf and told her that she will not find any and she saw him doing that and found that book he put their. She started teasing him and her friend left the room.

There’s No Way Creepy Senpai Could Go On A proper Date!!

Nagatoro came to the art class with a new earning. Hachioji noticed it and told that its looking good. Nagatoro has a ear piercing device which she tried to use on Nagatoro. He thought that she made a hole in his ear also but actually she just pinched him. He look disappointed. Suddenly Nagatoro friend came to Hachioji asking for help. One of the guy from dinning room, started following her so she asked Hachioji to pretend to be his boyfriend and when the stalker will see them together than he will leave stalking her. Nagatoro started making fun of him that she will two stalker if Hachioji pretend to be her boyfriend. But her friends are sure that it will be ok so they asked him again and he agreed to do it.

They went on a date, followed by Nagatoro and her friends. After seeing Hachioji with other girl, Nagatoro brought the stalker in front of them and told them to stop this drama. Stalker apologized and run from there and all of them went home. During their way to home, Nagatoro keeps on teasing Hachioji about his first date.

Episode 10

On their way to home, Nagatoro told Hachioji that she have steamy snaps. He started to think about her own snaps. Suddenly she revealed that she is talking about Snap-Sizzle-Pop Chicken Bites. She showed him and started teasing him about having dirty thoughts.

You Seem Pretty Stiff, Senpai

It was a second year of Marathon day. Hachioji wasn’t able to run properly and was left behind. It was noticed by Nagatoro and her friends. On their way to home, Nagatoro told him that tomorrow they will have secret training sessions. In their training they run but Hachioji wasn’t able to run that much so she started teasing him and finally he started running. After running, Nagatoro helped him in stretching. It was seen by one of Nagatoro friend.

I’ll Do It For You, Senpai!

Hachioji was thinking about model to draw while Nagatoro noticed it and offered to model for him but he denied. The reason he give was that he will make a male model. She shows him, his drawing and started teasing him. He accepted her offer but he put a condition that she has to wear the same dress what he draw. He thought that she will unable to find the dress but she managed to find the dress.

He was drawing her while she started telling about culture festival and their plans. Her friends also told that one of them is doing haunted house while other is going to help gaming club. They started teasing Hachioji by saying that he can run cat cafe or drag cafe. He told that he might do the exhibition like last year. He heard some footsteps and told Nagatoro and her friends to hide. They all hide and the art club president visited Hachioji. She said that she came to know that he made art club as a party room where people visited to party. She also said that she is submitting club termination form. Nagatoro came outside the room and told her that you were not here so you don’t know how hard work he has done. President offer a challenge to Hachioji that next week in cultural festival, lets see who will get more vote. If he won then she will not submit the termination form, They accepted the competition.

Episode 11

What Do You Think, Senpai?

In last episode, art club president challenged Hachioji that in cultural festival he has to win otherwise the art club will be closed so they all are discussing how he can win. But he knows that he is not better that president. President is on other level. To show that, he took out president last year drawing because of which she got praise many times, even win many awards. It was a self nude portrait from behind. After seeing that drawing, Nagatoro friends are sure that he has no chance but Nagatoro don’t want to give up so she give him advice that she can be his model and they also have Cosplay costumes.

Nagatoro friends starting praising president and they even compared it to Nagatoro body. While they were making jokes of Nagatoro, Hachioji shout that both of them have their own charms.

Next day, Nagatoro tried different dresses and poses but Hachioji unable to make a good drawing and at last he gave up and asked Nagatoro not to do this because its between him and president and if he losses the competition that all will laugh on Nagatoro also. Nagatoro left the club angrily saying that why don’t he just have president model.

You Could Be More Honest, Senpai

Hachioji started drawing for the competition. Suddenly, president came and pointed that the drawing he make is not so good. She was in tower so he pointed out that. President told him that its for her new drawing. As she was explaining about his drawing, Nagatoro came and saw president and him and ran away. President told that the most important thing in drawing is love and told him to go after Nagatoro.

He ran after Nagatoro while reminding all her memories till she reach swimming pool and told her that he wants to draw him. She asked him why he wants to her to be his draw him. He replied that the way she is, the most attractive to him. They both became red and fall in the swimming pool.

While returning home, Nagatoro asked him why he wants to draw simple things while she recommend Cosplay and he replied that simple things are also good. She asked for example and he said like how cute she is. There face is all red and then Nagatoro started teasing him again.

Episode 12

Has Spring Come Even For You, The Unpopular Loner Louse Senpai?

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