Sweet Tooth Episode 8 : Big Man

In Sweet Tooth Episode 8, General Abbot went to Aimee hideout to get the hybrids, but Aimee doesn’t want to give up, so he sends kids through the tunnel while set traps for General Abbot. She attacked them with the wire works traps, but still, kids get caught by him.

Angry Gus keeps on running until he found an abandoned helicopter used to share the template for keeping hybrid safe. He used the helicopter to call for help for hybrids. Big man and Bear were searching for Gus, so they decided to split. Bear stays home while Big Man found Gus.

Earlier Big man has a wife who was pregnant, and she gave birth to a hybrid. After seeing a hybrid baby, he started running because he was afraid. When he came back, his wife and child are gone.

Big man told his regretful actions but he also said some are good and you must be one of them. Suddenly he got shot by the last Man army and General Abbot kidnapped Gus.

In the General Abbot camp, they brought Aditya and his wife, Rani. Both of them are separated. Aditya had to work on a cure while Rani has been waiting for him. Aditya met Gus, and in few seconds, he realised that Gus is a special hybrid, so he asked for another hybrid for the operation to take out the special juice. The army put Gus in the same room where other hybrids were. Gus meets Wendy and other hybrids, and they all hugged.

While waiting, Bear told her story to the Birdie friend that she was adopted and her parents died because of the virus. She also has a younger sister who was a hybrid, and the last man army took her sister. Birdie friend to that never gives up. Just try harder. Maybe you will be able to find her.

Bear was trying to contact the Birdie. After some while, she was able to contact the Birdie.

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