Due To Low Coronavirus Count Mexico Doubt About Testing Rate

Mexico confirmed coronavirus cases rasing but the they are concern about the adequacy of testing in the country and the Governtment is not doing enough to prepare for an epidemic

Due To Low Coronavirus Count Mexico Doubt About Testing Rate

Only eight cases of Coronavirus has been confirmed on Tuesday and the first case was reported on February 28 2020. Only 37 cases has been monitored by the Mexico. In comparison to Brazil where first cases was suspected on 9th of February, Mexico already confirmed 37 cases and suspected another 876.

The number of confirmed cases had reached 12 said by the Mexico’s Health Ministry on Wednesday.

World Health Organization Statement

Due to Coronavirus 120000 people are infected by Coronavirus and more than 4300 people are already dead. Wold Health Organization said ” urging governments to step up containment efforts through testing, tracing and isolating”

Mexian Health Ministry said that they had performed 278 tests since Tuesday.

Francisco Moreno who is the infectious disease specialist and head of Internal Medicine at ABC hospital in Mexico City said “I’m worried about the lack of diagnostic testing, If Mexico has undetected cases circulating, the spread of the disease is going to be brutal ”

In Mexico no big Government events have been canceled yet and they are also not screening travelers from countries of high number of cases. They are not implementing containment efforts.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Statement

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at his morning press conference on this Wednesday said “We have the best experts on the matter. We still have the same number of cases and luckily there’s been no loss of life. We’re not hiding information from the population. ”

About South Korea Coronavirus cases

200000 tests are already been performed in South Korea and this country is been testing people fastest than any country in this world. They are taking precautions and know the victims of Coronavirus as soon as possible and providing as good facility as much possible. But in Mexico the Coronavirus test is not happening as they should be. Moreno said that Mexico should be seriously concern about the their peoples and do test of Coronavirus as much as possible.

Mexico Is Prepared

Jean Marc Gabastou whos is the adviser in Emergency health for the World Health Organization said that “the country was among the first to implement diagnostic capacity in each of its 32 states, with a total of 40 laboratories. This country has always been one step ahead,” at a Mexican Health Ministry press conference on Wednesday evening.

Moreno Statement

Moreno also said “We need to copy what some other countries are doing in early detection of the disease appears to be waiting for the problem to start before taking measures. And my fear is that when it grows, we’re going to be far from being able to contain it.”

Alejandro Macias Statement

Alejandro Macias who is the former national commisioner for influenza in Mexico during the H1N1 outbreak said “Mexico is testing people but only those who have a direct connection to someone who traveled to a country which is in a high risk or who are in a contact with the confirmed cases “

He also said in a interview that “It would be a good idea to lower the bar for testing,”

Moreno Concerned

But Macias is concerned about the peoples that the tests are not happening on all the peoples due to which some cases where found that they have missed to test and more cases can come like this in the future if they don’t increase the test on Coronavirus.”

How Does Coronavirus Spread?

How Does Coronavirus Spread?
How Does Coronavirus Spread?

Coronavirus is a communicable disease which means it spread from one person to another. Let us discuss some ways how they spread from one person to another.

  • Person to person transmission – If one person is infected than they can transfer from that person to the another healthy person when they come in contact or by sneezing ir coughing.
  • Public Transport – As we know there are number of peoples travelled from a public transport. If any person who is infected is traveling with you in the same transport than its possible that you got infected because you both are breathing the same air. This virus can transfer from one host to another from the air also.
  • Incubation Period – Incubation periods is a time in which this virus start showing its symptoms. The incubation period of Coronavirus is 14 days which means if you are infected than for 14 days you may not show any symptoms neither you know that you are infected.

How Can I Protect Myself From Coronavirus?

How Can I Protect Myself From Coronavirus?
How Can I Protect Myself From Coronavirus?

No need to worry. You can fight with this coronavirus. We always know that the precaution is far better than the cure so here are some ways to prevent from Coronavirus and they are-

  • Wash Hands – Wash your hand regulary with soaps. You may have touched something that may consist of Coronavirus. If you touch your food or mouth and the virus got entered in your body than you will get infected but if you wash your hand with soap regularly than they will get destroyed and can’t enter inside your body.
  • Cover Your Face – No one knows that they are infected from this coronavirus or not but if everyone cover their faces while sneezing or coughing that it will not spread and another person will not get infected from it.
  • Face Mask – Use face mask so that no infected air or germs can enter in your mouth and you will remain healthy.

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