Following the approval of a seventh print run, the Lycoris Recoil:

Ordinary Days spinoff novel now has over 250,000 copies in circulation, according to the official Twitter account for the anime series. (The figure does not represent a sales statistic. Despite including e-book copies, the release refers to the quantity as “copies in print.”

To commemorate the occasion, illustrator Shinya Oshiro (atd), who also created the title logo for the anime, created the drawing below:

July 2 saw the release of the anime.

The anime was broadcast live by Crunchyroll, along with an English dub.

The anime, according to Crunchyroll, is

There is a mystery underneath everything during these tranquil days.

“DA – Direct Attack” is a covert law enforcement agency. And “Lycoris,” their all-female agent group. All of this tranquil daily existence is due to these young females. The most powerful Lycoris agent ever is the elite Chisato Nishikigi. The gifted but enigmatic Lycoris Takina Inoue is standing next to her. At one of its outposts, Café LycoReco, they collaborate.

This café accepts orders for everything from coffee and pastries to child care, shopping, teaching Japanese to international students, etc. The majority of them are duties unworthy of Lycoris.

Chisato, a pacifist with boundless optimism. And the calm and effective Takina. This mismatched pair’s turbulent daily lives start now!

The spin-off book describes Chisato, Takina, and the other customers of Café LycoReco’s “not-so-common everyday existence.”

Adachi’s debut as a director was for the anime. Adachi’s previous work includes Wagnaria! (Working!) and Sword Art Online, where she served as the principal animator and character designer. The television anime was made by A-1 Pictures and was created by Imigimuru (This Art Club Has a Problem!). Asaura wrote the narrative for Ben-To. The characters’ clothes were created by Kimika Onai (Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46).

Both the opening and closing theme songs, “ALIVE” by ClariS and “Hana no T” by Sayuri, were played (Flower Tower).

A theater production has also been influenced by anime.


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