Kiiro Yumi to Adapt Hiro Arikawa’s SDF Trilogy Novels into Manga

On this Monday, in the October issue of Hakusensha’s Lala magazine revealed that Kiiro Yumi will launch a manga adaption of Hiro Ariwaka’s SDF Trilogy novels based on the Japanese Self-Defence Forces.

In the magazine, they also revealed that more information regarding manga is going to publish soon.

In this Arikawa’s SDF Trilogy, they include the following novels-

  1. Shio No Machi ( City of Salt)
  2. Sora No Naka ( In the Sky )
  3. Umi No Soko ( Bottom of the Sea )

The Toshokam Senso Shoko manga adaption of Hiro Arikawa’s Science – fiction novels in Lala in 2007 has been began serializing by Yumi. The series got ended in December 2014. All 15 volumes of this manga has been published by Viz Media in English under the title Library Wars : Love & War.

In March 2015, Yumi launched the library wars: Love & War Bessatsy – Hen manga. The ninth volume of this manga has been published by Hakusensha on June 5. In October issue of Lala , the manga got ended on Mondat.

A television anime series and anime film has also been inspired by the light novel. In 2013 in Japan, a live action film version has been opened in theaters. They also ran in festivals in the United States. In Japan in 2015, a film sequel has been opened.

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