In September, Megalobox Manga’s Chikara Sakuma Launches New Manga

On Friday, The October issue of Shinchosha’s Monthly Comic @Buch magazine revealed that Chikara Sakuma that they will launch a new manga in the magazine November issue on September 19.

LINKMAN is the title of the new soccer manga’s title. In its first chapter, there are 63 pages including an opening color page.

Megalobox is the spinoff television anime based on Ikki Kajiwara and Tetsuya Chiba’s Ashita no Joe manga.

In April 2018, the anime was released. It has 13 episodes. The anime was streamed by Crunchyroll. The anime was licensed by the Viz Media.

In November 2019, a sequel of the anime has been announced by the staff.

MAGICO and Kabedon! manga was also created by Sakuma. On March 17, Sakuma ended the Kabedon! rock-climbing manga.

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