Light Novels for Teachers in the World

Light novels by World Teachers According to the entry on End Overlap for the 16th volume of author Kichi Neko and illustrator Nardack’s World Teacher light novel series, that volume marks the end of the books. The 16th instalment debuts on September 25. The fantasy romantic adventure novel centres on a guy who, before retiring and training up new agents, had the title of strongest agent in the world. At the age of 60, the guy is murdered by an unidentified organisation and resurrected in a another universe with all of his memories. He wants to use his new body to carry on instructing agents. .

Teachers in the World

The novel series was published under a licence by Tentai Books in February 2021 with the first instalment.

On the “Shsetsuka ni Nar” (Let’s Become Novelists) website in 2014, Neko released the World Teacher -Isekai Shiki Kyiku Agent- light novel series.

In September 2021, Japan released the fifteenth volume of the series.

On Overlap’s Comic Gardo web manga site, Sora Yoshino debuted the novels’ manga adaptation in September 2016.

The 10th volume of the manga’s collected books was released on March 25.


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