Mondstadt nostalgia is conveyed in a new Genshin Impact animated video.

Despite having just released its Sumeru expansion, the Genshin Impact game hasn’t forgotten about its previous territories. Mondstadt, the game’s beginning area, is highlighted in a brand-new, brief animated movie. Observe the lush European-inspired vistas complimented by tender piano music.

“An experimental endeavor to unveil the universe of Teyvat with stories and information from many viewpoints,” according to HoYoverse, states the film. Additional plans and information on this collaboration have not yet been made public.

Sun Creature, an animation company based in Europe, produced the video. The studio has previously produced material for several projects, including the Travel Oregon tourism initiative, the Love, Death, + Robots television series on Netflix, and the “Sprit Blossoms” skins for League of Legends.

In September 2020, HoYoverse (formerly miHoYo) released the online game Genshin Impact for free. Available platforms include iOS, Android, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Game description from HoYoverse

The immense universe of Teyvat, which is brimming with life and elemental force, is at your feet.

You came here with your brother from another planet. You awaken to a world that is radically different from when you originally came after being separated by an unidentified deity, stripped of your abilities, and put into a long sleep.

This marks the start of your trip throughout Teyvat to ask The Seven, the gods of each element, for guidance. Prepare to explore every square inch of this amazing planet along the road as you team up with a wide variety of people to solve the myriad secrets Teyvat contains.

HoYoverse and anime production company ufotable are working together on a “long term collaborative project” with Genshin Impact. Several anime and animated works have already drawn inspiration from the company’s Honkai Impact 3rd game.

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