The Zelda Wiki Separates from Fandom, Inc.

On Thursday, the “Zelda Wiki” fan community wiki for the Legend of Zelda video game series declared its separation from the wiki hosting service provided by Fandom, Inc. At the URL, the crew has launched a brand-new gateway website.

The principal editor of the website claimed that the wiki’s goal was to be “editorially autonomous,” but they also claimed that they thought “these values are irreconcilable with Fandom.” “Fandom’s recent buyouts and dubious staffing decisions” are the cause of the attempt for independence. Other wiki communities that are hosted by Fandom were invited to follow suit, and the editor-in-chief advised current employees to “unionize while you still can.”

The Zelda Wiki supports the networks of independent fan wikis known as the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (SEIWA) and the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA). The Mario Wiki, Bulbapedia (for the Pokémon series), and the Super Smash Bros. Wiki are a few more independently operated wikis in the NIWA network.

Although changes are anticipated to concentrate on the platform, the Fandom-hosted Zelda Wiki gateway site is still accessible.

A wiki hosting service called Fandom focuses on pop culture and fandom. Prior to October 2016, it was known as Wikia. The business last year assisted in planning the US Navy’s Twitch feeds. The Red Ventures media company’s brands of Comic Vine, Cord Cutters News, GameFAQs, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, Metacritic, and TV Guide were bought by Fandom on October 3 as part of a public announcement.

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