Sweet Tooth Episode 3 : Weird Deer Shit

In Sweet Tooth Episode 3, Gus and Big man went to the Big man place, an abandoned bus where he put his stuff. There they made a plan and spent their night. Big man planned to take Gus to a train leaving for Colorado, so they disguise Gus’s appearance so that he looked like a normal person wearing a mask. They went to the marketplace, but somehow they got caught, and the army came to know about Gus that he is a hybrid. Gus was almost gone on the train, but the army caught both of them. The army was taking them to their place, but in the way, an Animal army attacked and killed all the army people and saved them.

There was a party in the Aditya Singh neighbour where her wife wants to go badly, but Aditya tried to stop her because she was infected. Somehow she convinced him, and they went to the party, but people realised that the host of the party is infected during the party. So they burned his house along with him.

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