Sweet Tooth Episode 2 : Sorry About All The Dead People

In Sweet Tooth Episode 2, Starting Big Man doesn’t want to take Gus with him, but he keeps on following him. They went to a house where a husband-wife and their son are living happily. They fed them and had some fun activities like dance and playing games.

While Aditya Singh keeps her wife safe from the Virus by providing her with a dose that a doctor provided. But from now on, Aditya has to make medicine by himself because the doctor will die from a disease that was an excuse to leave work.

While Gus was enjoying the new family, some people come to catch Gus. But the big man was able to get rid of all of them. The big man was trying to get Gus by leaving Gus there, but after fighting the bad guys, he decided to take Gus with him.

Aimee got a hybrid son outside his place which she took in.

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