Tweet to SMS feature Got disabled By Twitter in most countries

Twitter is planning to discard its Tweet to SMS feature, the tech giant announced yesterday citing vulnerabilities.

Twitter was originally launched keeping in mind its 140 characters to be used via a text message or an SMS. This was because there was no extensive usage of the internet then as there is now.

Twitter users who use the app via the internet are not likely to get impacted by the SMS feature being shut down. The ones likely to feel the difference are people who relied on SMS feature to reach out to the people.

When Twitter was built in 2010, it was entirely built around to work over the SMS, but then the age of the internet took over, and with people buying smartphones, they mostly run the app with the help of the internet.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked last year in September by a group called Chuckle Squad, Medianama reported. After hacking Dorsey’s account, the hackers tweeted racial slurs, anti-semitic messages and a Holocaust denial from his account. Even though the account was recovered, Twitter’s feature faced criticism.

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