TOHO purchases a controlling interest in TIA and changes its name to Toho Animation Studio.

TOHO now owns 67.4% of the studio, with ILCA in charge of the remaining 32.6 percent.

On Saturday, TOHO made the announcement that it had bought a majority share in TIA (TOHO Interactive Animation) studio, turning it into a subsidiary, and renaming it TOHO Animation Studio.

The business was founded in 2017 under the moniker I&A by the CG animation companies ILCA and Anima. In 2019, the business adopted the TIA moniker. ILCA and Anima both held a 32.6 percent share in the business as of 2020, while TOHO obtained a 34.8 percent stake. With TOHO being in possession of a 67.4% share, Anima’s previous holding has been purchased by TOHO.

The studio previously created the anime series That is the Bottleneck, iii icecrin, iii icecrin 2, and the anime feature 100 Nichikan Ikita Wani.

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