U.K left European Union. ‘Seismic moment’: Brexit is finally upon us, but how it plays out is in question

U.K left European union on January 31.

After soo many efforts like one referendum, two general elections, three prime ministers and nearly four years to leave the European Union on January 31 but who is counting.

U.K voted to leave the European Union in June 2016 and since that they were waiting for this day and finally the day has come when they no more belongs to European Union any more. The moments of leaving U.K is a drab affairs in which there is no more dramatic resignation, no more historic government defeats, no more cries of order .

Leaving of U.K might affect the Shares and maybe they will went down.

After so many years, this year the Prime minister of U.K Boris Johnson said ” Britain appears to have Got Brexit Done”

The releationship between Brexit Britain to the Europe and the U.S is going to be little crucial this year.


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