US Open 2022: LeBron James surprises Frances Tiafoe with an unexpected victory

NEW YORK – A little more than an hour after Frances Tiafoe defeated 22-time major winner Rafael Nadal, 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, on Monday in front of a cheering, nearly full Arthur Ashe Stadium, he managed to improve even more.

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Frances Tiafoe

When he returned to the locker room and checked his phone, he saw a tweet from LeBron James about what he had just done.

James commented on the tournament’s account alongside a video of the last seconds of the game, “WELL DONE, Young King! You deserve it!” Tiafoe was unable to believe it.

Later, Tiafoe told reporters, chuckling, “Man, I was losing it in the locker room.” “Bro, I was losing my mind.”

Before retweeting it, Tiafoe claimed he was hesitant because he wanted to make it appear as though the tweet wasn’t a big issue.

“Do I retweet it right away when he sends it? I thought. I thought, “You know what, I’ll be cool and pretend I didn’t see it before retweeting it three hours later,” “Explained by Tiafoe.

In some of his previous post-match celebrations, Tiafoe has emulated James, and on Monday he referred to him as “my boy.” Additionally, he said that James’ agent, Rich Paul, texted him to congratulate him on winning the match.

Tiafoe’s favourite club, the Washington Wizards, had Bradley Beal sitting in his player box during the game.

Beal was attending his first tennis match, according to Tiafoe, but probably not his last.

Tiafoe declared, “He wants to return.” “I liked it. My special day.”

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